School Student Directory

Student Directory

Would you like to be in the Student Directory? Enter your family’s contact info online!

Go here:

If you’d prefer to fill out a paper form, just get one from the office.


Student Directory FAQ’s

Q: I was in the directory last year, do I have to give you my info again?

A: Yep! You need to re-submit your info every year

Q: Does it cost money to be in the directory?

A: No! There is no charge to have your family’s contact info in the directory. If you’d like to order a directory, the cost is $4.

Q: How do I order a directory?

A: If you didn’t already order one at All in One Day, just put $4 in an envelope, on the outside write “directory” as well as one of your children’s names, their grade and teacher (so we know where to deliver it). Drop in PFC lock box in office.

Q: Do I have to list my home address in the directory?

A: Nope, you may list as little or as much contact info as you’d like.

Q: When will the directories be ready? 

A: We’re shooting for early October!

Q: Can I advertise my business in the directory?

A: Yes! Go to this link  and/or ask LeAnn Kovar for more info: