Welcome to School Year 2017-2018


REMINDER: As we all get settled back into the school routine, please remember a few important notes:

  • There is NO PARKING or DROP OFF in the first/main lot. This is Faculty parking, and bus loading only.
  • There is also NO PARKING on Glacier Dr. in front of the school.
  • Drop off is in the second lot, toward the MUR.
  • There is also plenty of parking along Center Ave., at the park, and on side streets. Please allow a few extra minutes to walk to school.  It’s a great time to chat with your child, and get a few extra steps in!!
  • If using the crosswalks at Center and Glacier, PLEASE wait for crossing guard directions.
  • And finally, please be patient, and be kind. We all have the same goal in mind–to get our children safely to school so that they can begin their school year and start learning!  Our children model our behavior—- please follow all of the school policies and drop off procedures, so that EVERYONE arrives safe and ready to start the day