“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.”



Well, the end of this school year sure is flying by. We are still in need of nominees for Co-President, Financial Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, Social Events Coordinator, Spell-a-thon, and Campus beautification for the 2018-2019 school year. If you are interested in any of these (or even sharing any of these), let us know. Sadly, without nominees, events like the back to school BBQ may not happen.


Teacher appreciation week is this week. May 1st-5th. Let’s be sure to show our Hidden Valley Teachers how much we appreciate them. Open house is on May 25th. Please, come by the patio and vote for your 2016-2017 PFC Board and Committee Chairs. Visit our Spring Book Fair from May 19th-26th (will be open at Open House!). Proceeds go to our Reading Incentive Program. The PFC meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 2nd in the Library at 6:30pm. It is starting slightly earlier to allow time for our first budget meeting to follow. We will form our election committee, get electronic marquees updates, discuss Bylaws amendments, and begin our budgeting. I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting.


We’ll be celebrating Multi-cultural week May 29th thru June 2nd. More information will be given at our meeting this Tuesday. The rest of this month and June will house the sign-ups and events won/purchased through our auction. The Father (or special adult) Daughter dance is May 12th from 6pm-8pm. Tickets can be purchased thru the auction software and with cash or check dropped in the PFC cash box in the office with attention to Jessica English. Please include your contact information and the names of those attending. You can check us out on our webpage and our Facebook page at Parent Faculty Club at Hidden Valley Elementary.


Thank you,

Angie Vickroy