Dear Hidden Valley Learning Community,

It’s hard to believe we are already well into March, heading towards the end of the school year. The March weather forecast is calling for more rain. Please keep in mind that umbrellas create problems and safety issues at school. In addition to some students using their umbrellas as swords or light sabers, they also drip water on the floor, and often get misplaced or left behind. It’s preferable for your child to wear a raincoat with a hood instead of bringing an umbrella to school.

The Warren W. Eukel Teacher Trust, which honors outstanding Contra Costa County K-12 classroom teachers, is now accepting nominations for its 2016 awards.  Each year, the Eukel Teacher Trust honors three award winners, each of whom receives a check for $10,000.00.  To apply, please complete this nomination form. Additional information is available at   I encourage anyone who knows an outstanding teacher to submit a nomination. Please email, fax, or mail your nomination form by May 15, 2016.

At our February School Site Council meeting, we approved this year’s Safety Plan. In reviewing the plan with local law enforcement, we were strongly encouraged to keep the back gate near the open space locked during the day. If you enter through that gate in the morning, please be aware that it will be locked from now on. The gate near the Hidden Valley Park parking lot will remain open.

There are a few other safety concerns that we have noticed after school lets out. Students should not play on the play structures, or out in front of the school, and no child should ever be picked up in the red zone. Any student who is being picked up after school should wait at the far end of the south staff parking lot near the traffic duty supervisor. All other students should leave campus once school ends unless they have a valid reason to remain on campus.

Thank you so much for entrusting us with your child or children. Our number one priority is to create a safe environment so we can successfully meet all students’ academic and social needs. We appreciate all that you do to support your child’s success at Hidden Valley.


Rich Gorton